I decided to review Olaplex as a product used when colouring hair, particularly pre lightening.

I had not used it before, however, I did hear great things about how it restores the broken bonds in the hair giving it back its bounce and natural movement.

I decided it was time I used it and made the investment. I used it on pre lightened hair that needed to be re done and the results were great!

I used Olaplex No1 added to the bleach, (lightener), I then used Olaplex No2 after rinsing the bleach out I left it on for 5 minutes . This resulted in the hair being softer, shinier with no breakage what so ever. So I can gladly recommend it to use on your clients.

You will need to charge for this service as the product itself is expensive although you do not need a lot of it for fantastic results!

You can use this on any chemical service, However, I have yet to use it whilst perming. I strongly recommend this product especially on previously damaged hair see the results below.



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